Steve Hackett

Köpenhamn, DK

Amager Bio

Set 1:

  1. People of the smoke
  2. Circo inferno
  3. These passing clouds
  4. The devil’s cathedral
  5. Every day
  6. A tower struck down / Jonas Rheingold bass solo
  7. Camino royale
  8. Shadow of the hierophant (2nd part)

Set 2:

  1. The lamb lies down on Broadway
  2. Fly on a windshield
  3. Broadway melody of 1974
  4. Hairless heart
  5. Carpet crawlers
  6. The chamber of 32 doors
  7. Lilywhite Lilith
  8. The lamia
  9. It
  10. Dancing with the moonlit knight
  11. The cinema show
  12. Aisle of plenty
  13. Firth of fifth / Craig Blundell drum solo
  14. Los Endos (incl. Slogans)

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