Marillion (weekend day 3)

Port Zelande, NL


  1. Intro: River
  2. Bridge
  3. Living with the big lie
  4. Runaway
  5. The hollow man
  6. Born to run
  7. White paper
  8. Sugar mice
  9. Genie
  10. The fruit of the wild rose
  11. Older than me
  12. Afraid of sunrise
  13. Map of the world
  14. Pour my love
  15. A voice from the past
  16. The bell in sea (bass/vocals jam)
  17. Somewhere else
  18. A few words for the dead

*One of the drums broke during A voice from the past. When the roadie started changing it after the song, prompting a comment from Hogarth, Pete started playing a funky version of Bell in the sea that Hogarth joined in on. We got almost the full song and some Mark Kelly piano clinking at the very end.

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