Marillion (Weekend day 3)

Stockholm, SWE


Seasons End:

  1. The king of sunset town
  2. Easter
  3. The uninvited guest
  4. Seasons end
  5. Holloway girl (with restart, Pete had the wrong bass)
  6. Berlin
  7. After me
  8. The release
  9. Hooks in you (with extended jazzlike ending)
  10. Memphis, Tennessee (impromptu jam, one verse and chorus)
  11. The space…


  1. Gaza
  2. The leavers

*After Hogarth lost his voice the night before there were all sorts of rumours flying during the day that he wouldn’t / couldn’t sing on this third night. That was just a load of bollocks though. He was indeed quite ill and let the crowd sing the choruses for the first few songs but he sang every song as best he could and we helped out. It was a very special and quite emotional night.

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