Marillion (Weekend day 3)

Port Zelande, NL


Swap the band:

  1. The last straw (Martin J on vocals, Pete out)
  2. Freaks (Martin J on vocals, Mark out)
  3. Cinderella search (Martin J on vocals, Rothery out)
  4. Fugazi (Martin J on vocals, Mosley out)
  5. Slainte mhath (Hogarth on vocals with Swap the band-band)


  1. The man from the planet Marzipan
  2. Dreamy street
  3. This train is my life
  4. Essence
  5. Wrapped up in time
  6. Liquidity
  7. Nothing fills the hole
  8. Woke up
  9. Trap the spark
  10. A state of mind
  11. Happiness is the road
  12. No such thing
  13. Real tears for sale
  14. Invisible ink (with restart)
  15. Whatever is wrong with you
  16. Somewhere else (with restart)
  17. The sky above the rain
  18. Toxic
  19. The leavers 4-5
  20. Hocus pocus (feat. Focus)

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