Gene Simmons Band

Stockholm, SWE

Gröna Lund

  1. Deuce
  2. Shout it out loud
  3. Parasite
  4. I love it loud
  5. Unholy (partial, part of first verse)
  6. Love theme from KISS (partial)
  7. War machine
  8. She’s so european
  9. Calling dr. Love
  10. Charisma
  11. I
  12. Cold gin
  13. Do you love me? (15-year old Vincent on drums)
  14. It’s my life
  15. Are you ready
  16. Watchin’ you
  17. Fits like a glove
  18. Let me go, rock’n roll
  19. Rock and roll all nite
  20. Christine sixteen (Vincent on drums)

* Awesome gig albeit sloppy and underrehearsed. I had a great time but Gene could do better if he tightened up the in between songs-banter.


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