Celine Dion

Las Vegas, NV

The Colosseum @ Caesar's Palace

  1. I Surrender
  2. Where does my heart beat now
  3. Because you loved me
  4. It’s all coming back to me now
  5. The power of love
  6. (If you can’t sing it) You’ll have to swing it (Mr. Paganini)
  7. Quand ça balance
  8. Recovering
  9. Beauty and the beast
  10. Immortality
  11. Incredible
  12. All by myself
  13. Acoustic medley: A new day has come / That’s the way it is / I’m alive
  14. My heart will go on
  15. Kiss
  16. Purple rain
  17. Love can move mountains
  18. River deep, mountain high
  19. The show must go on


* A magnificent show.

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