Muskelrock Festival (1 day)

Blädinge, SWE





  1. King Korea
  2. Owl eyes
  3. Franis Vikarma
  4. Dopetrotter
  5. Crash course in brain surgery
  6. Looking in the past
  7. Father Storm
  8. Wandersmann


20160604_190508_HDR 20160604_190650_HDR 20160604_191509_HDR 20160604_194630_HDR


Neon Rose:

  1. Dead eyes
  2. Night birds
  3. Too long
  4. The race for knowledge
  5. Julia’s dream
  6. Reload
  7. Schoolboy in spotlight
  8. Don’t mess with me
  9. Dust and rust
  10. Love rock

20160604_200725_HDR 20160604_201037_HDR 20160604_205215_HDR


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