Warren Haynes, Chessboxer

Copenhagen, DK

Amager Bio


  1. Linin’ track
  2. Mokey likes a wet foot
  3. Thank you, Esteban
  4. Fitzpleasure
  5. Bacon
  6. Calon lan
  7. Little girl of mine in Tennessee

*A splendid opening act, and also part of Warren’s Ashes & Dust band. Really awesome music, performed with great joy and musicianship. I rarely enjoy opening acts but these guys blew me away!


Warren Haynes:

  1. Is it me or you
  2. Patchwork quilt
  3. Banks of the deep end
  4. Skin it back
  5. Company man
  6. Blue maiden’s tale
  7. Blue sky
  8. Dusk till dawn
  9. Hallelujah boulevard
  10. Stranded in self pity
  11. Instrumental illness / Jeff Sipe – drum solo
  12. Spots of time
  13. No celebration
  14. Jessica

*My 600th concert turned out to be a stunning one. Ashes & Dust is a great album and even though the Allmansongs were nice Warren and the band really let it rip during the new songs. A great evening in the presence of true musical joy.


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