Neal Morse, Haken

Malmö, SWE



  1. Intro: The path
  2. Atlas stone
  3. In memoriam
  4. Cockroach king
  5. Crystallised

*Haken’s first ever gig in Sweden. They sound very good but the music does not do much for me. The last song was the best one.



Neal Morse:

  1. The call
  2. Leviathan
  3. The grand experiment
  4. Harm’s way (with Go the way you go ending) / Keyboard solo
  5. The creation
  6. Jailbreak (Neal acoustic – new song every night)
  7. Waterfall / Guitar solo
  8. In the fire
  9. Alive again
  10. Overture no. 3
  11. Rejoice
  12. Oh lord my God
  13. Reunion

*A fantastic show by all standards. Epic setlist, epic performance and I even got to dance with Neal at the end of Reunion. A splendid night. Mike Portnoy is god.

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