Sweden Rock Festival (1 day)

Norje, SWE

Sweden Rock Festival

Frantic Amber


The Sirens

  1. Treat me like a lady (Anneke, Liv, Kari)
  2. Vervain (Liv)
  3. Saturnine (Anneke)
  4. Death hymn (Kari)
  5. Image (Liv)
  6. Fearless (Anneke, Liv, Kari)
  7. Push (Kari)
  8. Venus (Liv)
  9. Ride (Anneke, Liv, Kari)
  10. My wilderness (Liv)
  11. Strange machines (Anneke)
  12. Stay (Anneke, Liv, Kari)

*Smashing gig that I didn’t know a thing about beforehand. I got the news that Anneke would be singing somewhere and of course I had to see it, you should have seen my astonishment  when Kari and Liv also joined the stage. A great first real hour of the festival. “Push”, “My wilderness” and “Stay” were played live for the first time.



  1. Stand up and fight
  2. Heavy metal maniac
  3. Iron dogs
  4. Victims of sacrifice
  5. Delivering to the master
  6. Violence & force
  7. Blackwitch
  8. Pounding metal / Guitar solo
  9. Beyond the gates of doom
  10. I am the beast
  11. Long live the loud
  12. Evil sinner

*A nice gig, marred by some technical issues.


Ace Frehley

  1. Intro: Fractured mirror
  2. Rocket ride
  3. Gimme a feelin’
  4. Toys
  5. Parasite
  6. Love gun
  7. Breakout
  8. Snowblind / Chris Wyse – bass solo
  9. Strange ways
  10. New York groove
  11. 2 young 2 die
  12. Shock me / Ace Frehley – guitar solo
  13. Cold gin
  14. Rip it out
  15. Deuce

*Short but sweet! I loved seeing Ace with Richie Scarlet, and 2 young 2 die was the best song of the festival – no contest!



  1. Decadence dance
  2. Li’l Jack Horny
  3. Comfortably dumb
  4. Rest in peace
  5. It (‘s a monster)
  6. Kid ego
  7. Play with me
  8. Midnight express
  9. More than words
  10. Cupid’s dead
  11. Take us alive (incl. That’s alright mama)
  12. Am I ever gonna change
  13. Flight of the wounded bumblebee
  14. He-Man woman hater
  15. Hole hearted (incl. Crazy little thing called love)
  16. Get the funk out

*Good gig, nice setlist and the band sounds fucking brilliant. Only Gary struggled with his vocals this evening, the rest of the band killed it!


Judas Priest

  1. Intro: Battle cry
  2. Dragonaut
  3. Metal gods
  4. Devil’s child
  5. Victim of changes
  6. Halls of Valhalla
  7. Love bites
  8. March of the damned
  9. Turbo lover
  10. Redeemer of souls
  11. Beyond the realms of death
  12. Jawbreaker
  13. Breaking the law
  14. Hell bent for leather
  15. The Hellion / Electric eye
  16. You’ve got another thing comin’
  17. Painkiller
  18. Living after midnight

*I loved this gig, even though I had to leave during March of the damned. Rob was in full force for the first time since 2000, and the band all seemed revitalised. Very nice, and great to finally get to hear Love bites!


*also saw snippets of Nuclear Assault and Mother’s Finest.

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