Steve Rothery, RanestRane

Köpenhamn (Rödovre), DK



  1. Semi
  2. Fluttuerò
  3. Materna luna
  4. Il monolito di Tycho


Steve Rothery Band:

  1. Morpheus
  2. Kendris
  3. Old man of the sea
  4. White pass
  5. Yesterday’s hero
  6. Summer’s end
  7. The ghosts of Pripyat
  8. Sugar mice
  9. Cinderella search
  10. Easter
  11. Incubus
  12. Afraid of sunlight


*A very nice evening. Openers RanestRane were very good, I didn’t understand their singing since all lyrics were in italian but I will check this band out more. I really liked them.  Steve Rothery Band were bleeding awesome, the Pripyat album is a killer and to hear him and his great band perform it in it’s entirety was mindblowing. The encores were nice too, some real gems there including Incubus which I never expected to hear from any other (ex-) Marillionmember than Fish. That guitar solo is a killer! The sheer joy sweating out from each bandmember was inspiring, everyone seemed to have a ball. I hope and think they had as much fun as Henrik and I did. See you in Holland!


IMG_20141015_211726 IMG_20141015_213349 IMG_20141015_213353 IMG_20141015_230634

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