King Diamond

Stockholm, SWE

Gröna Lund

  1. The candle
  2. Sleepless nights
  3. Welcome home
  4. Never ending hill
  5. Let it be done (tape)
  6. The puppet master
  7. At the graves
  8. Medley: Tea – Dreams – Digging graves – A visit from the dead (intro only)
  9. Evil
  10. Come to the sabbath
  11. Shapes of black
  12. Eye of the witch
  13. The family ghost
  14. Black horsemen
  15. Cremation
  16. Insanity (outro)

*King Diamond at Gröna Lund, a family funpark? Who would have thought it? In any case the gig was mindblowing, it was his 2014 tour premiere and he dusted off some real gems in Tea and The puppet master which are fav songs for me. The intro from A visit from the dead was awesome too, I hope he does the full song the next time around.

IMG_20140725_201110 IMG_20140725_202713_edit IMG_20140725_202820 IMG_20140725_204059 IMG_20140725_205431 IMG_20140725_212459

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