Set 1:

  1. First tune of the set
  2. The slag
  3. Stellina
  4. Really in for it
  5. Bathsheba

Set 2:

  1. Rocks
  2. Spherical
  3. Elegy for Mike
  4. Sponge
  5. Some skunk funk
  6. Inside out

*Good gig, Randy and Dave were simply stunning and Chris did a great job too. George didn’t make much noise though, and Dean Brown was at times a little over the top for me with his antics. Ada did a good job but had big shoes to fill. A nice gig and I’m happy I went!

Randy Brecker, trumpet and vocals
Dean Brown, guitar
Dave Weckl, drums
Ada Rovatti, saxophone
George Whitty, keyboards
Chris Minh Doky
, bass

DSC_6879 DSC_6874 DSC_6875

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