Stanley Clarke & George Duke

Greve, DK


  1. Wild dog
  2. Silly putty
  3. Brazilian love affair
  4. Sweet baby
  5. Autumn leaves
  6. School days
  7. No rhyme, no reason / A fonk tale
  8. Dukey stick / Reach for it
  9. – (encore)


* A very nice evening, the band played an encore which I sadly don’t know the name of. The whole band returned to the stage but Stanley gave his technichian a glance and pointed to the acoustic bass, and the song we got was a mellow thing with only Stanley and George, I recognised it at the time but couldn’t name it and now I really don’t remember which song it was.

Note for Frank Zappa quote hunters:
Brazilian Love Affair ends with the final line from Echidna’s Arf over last 45 secs.
(not mentioned by George Duke onstage.)

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