NKOTBSB, A Friend In London

Malmö, SWE

Malmö Arena

  1. Single / The one (incl. “Viva La Vida”)
  2. Summertime (NKOTB)
  3. The call (BSB)
  4. Dirty dancing (NKOTB)
  5. Get down (You’re the one for me) (BSB)
  6. You got it (The right stuff) (NKOTB)
  7. Larger than life (BSB)
  8. Didn’t I (Blow your mind this time) (NKOTB)
  9. Valentine girl (NKOTB)
  10. If you go away (NKOTB)
  11. Please don’t go girl (NKOTB)
  12. Show me the meaning of being lonely (BSB)
  13. 10000 Promises (BSB)
  14. I’ll never break your heart (BSB)
  15. Drowning (BSB)
  16. Incomplete (BSB)
  17. Step by step (NKOTB)
  18. Cover girl (NKOTB)
  19. My favourite girl (NKOTB)
  20. Games (NKOTB)
  21. Tonight (NKOTB)
  22. Shape of my heart (BSB)
  23. As long as you love me (BSB)
  24. All I have to give (BSB)
  25. If you stay (BSB)
  26. Quit playing games (With my heart) (BSB)
  27. I’ll be loving you (Forever) (NKOTB)
  28. I want it that way (BSB)
  29. Don’t turn out the lights (NKOTBSB)
  30. Everybody (BSB)
  31. Hangin’ tough (NKOTB)
  32. Everybody / Hangin’ tough (NKOTBSB)

*Great night! Hits, hits and more hits!

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