Robyn, Me And My Army

Helsingborg, SWE

Sofiero Slott

Me And My Army:

  1. Anthem
  2. Thank god for sending demons
  3. Me and my army
  4. The only one
  5. Just like before
  6. Epilogue
  7. Klinga mina klockor (instrumental)
  8. Chemicals

* Absolutely brilliant. I´ve seen the musical genius Kleerup in various incarnations over the years, mainly performing with Robyn, but with this band he’s gone and created something that feels fresh but with a vintage touch. Definitely a great act, be sure to catch them!



  1. Intro / Fembot
  2. Bad gal
  3. Cobrastyle
  4. Dancing on my own
  5. We dance to the beat (incl. Don’t fucking tell me what to do)
  6. Love kills
  7. The girl and the robot
  8. Indestructible
  9. Call your girlfriend
  10. Be mine
  11. Hang with me
  12. With every heartbeat (feat. Kleerup)
  13. U should know better
  14. Konichiwa bitches
  15. Show me love

* Yep, she did it again. Always better, always best. Good set although I would have loved more new songs, great performance and when Kleerup came onstage for the encore I broke out in a sweat. The version of Be mine is still the most dramatic popsong I have ever witnessed live. Truly astounding.

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