Accept (Dirty Passion)

Malmö, SWE


  1. Intro / Teutonic terror
  2. Bucket full of hate
  3. Starlight
  4. Breaker
  5. New world comin’
  6. Restless and wild
  7. Son of a bitch
  8. Monsterman
  9. Metal heart
  10. Neon nights
  11. Bulletproof
  12. Losers + winners
  13. Aiming high
  14. Princess of the dawn
  15. Up to the limit
  16. No shelter
  17. Fast as a shark
  18. Pandemic
  19. Balls to the wall

*Yet another classic gig by Accept. This was a one-off clubgig for the band after having played the Getaway festival the day before. For some reason the intro started and was turned off again after a couple of seconds, the restarted 30 seconds later. Have no idea why. Some guy on claims they played Amamos La Vida – I wish they had but alas, they did not. Absolutely smashing night anyway!

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