Neal Morse

London, UK

KCLSU Tutu´s

Set 1:

  1. Beware of darkness
  2. Leviathan
  3. The separated man
  4. Seeds of gold
  5. Overture no. 3
  6. Rejoice
  7. Oh lord my god
  8. God’s theme 2


Set 2:

  1. Mercy street
  2. Overture no. 4
  3. Time changer
  4. Jayda
  5. Nighttime collectors
  6. Time has come today
  7. Jesus’ blood
  8. The truth will set you free
  9. Chance of a lifetime
  10. Jesus bring me home
  11. Road dog blues
  12. It’s for you
  13. Crossing over / Mercy street (reprise)
  14. Bridge across forever (Neal only)
  15. King Jesus

* You can’t go wrong with Neal. Almost 3 hours of breathtaking, aweinspiring music. And the new Testimony 2 in it’s entirety, well, top THAT will ya? Venue changed at last minute from Koko to the Kings College, a very small and intimate venue with GREAT sound. I guess it had to do with ticketsales, but while I feel sorry for Neal I can’t help feeling a bit selfishly happy since it was fantastic to experience Neal in this intimate setting. I hope he felt that too, and I think he did.

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