Roger Waters: The Wall

New York, NY

Madison Square Garden

First set:

  • In the flesh?
  • The thin ice
  • Another brick in the wall part 1
  • The happiest days of our lives
  • Another brick in the wall part 2
  • Mother
  • Goodbye blue sky
  • Empty spaces
  • What shall we do now
  • Young lust
  • One of my turns
  • Don’t leave me now
  • Another brick in the wall part 3
  • The last few bricks
  • Goodbye cruel world

Second set:

  • Hey you
  • Is there anybody out there?
  • Nobody home
  • Vera
  • Bring the boys back home
  • Comfortably numb
  • The show must go on
  • In the flesh
  • Run like hell
  • Waiting for the worms
  • Stop
  • The trial
  • Outside the wall

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