Between The Buried And Me:

  1. Fossil genera – A feed from cloud mountain
  2. White walls


August Burns Red:

  1. Back burner
  2. White washed
  3. Marianas trench
  4. Meddler
  5. Truth of a liar
  6. Thirty and seven
  7. Composure


Lamb Of God:

  1. The passing
  2. In your words
  3. Set to fail
  4. Walk with me in hell
  5. Now you’ve got something to die for
  6. Ruin
  7. Hourglass
  8. Dead seeds
  9. Blacken the cursed sun
  10. Grace
  11. Broken hands
  12. Laid to rest
  13. Contractor
  14. Vigil
  15. Redneck
  16. Black label

*Last gig of the tour, all three bands above were great, especially LOG. Job For A Cowboy also played but that was nothing for me, I grabbed a coffee instead. Pics of LOG below show just how good a place in the venue I actually had!

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