Simply Red

Stockholm, SWE


  1. It’s Only Love
  2. A New Flame
  3. Your Mirror
  4. Never Never Love
  5. Night Nurse
  6. For Your Babies
  7. Holding Back The Years
  8. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  9. Thrill Me
  10. The Air That I Breathe
  11. Go Now
  12. Fake
  13. Come To My Aid
  14. The Right Thing
  15. Sunrise
  16. Fairground
  17. Something Got Me Started
  18. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
  19. Stars
  20. If You Don’t Know Me By Now

*There was a support-band/girl of some kind. Therese something. Simply Red is was one of those MTV-bands I grew up with, I can’t say I liked them too much back then but times change and so do I. This was a real nostalgia-gig for me, I know and love most of the songs in the set and they sounded marvellous live still.  Great opening song!!

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