Extreme, Hot Leg

London, UK


  1. Comfortably dumb
  2. Decadence dance
  3. Rest in peace
  4. It(‘s a monster)
  5. Star
  6. Tell me something I dont know
  7. Medley: Kid ego / Little girls / Teachers pet
  8. Play with me
  9. Midnight express
  10. More than words
  11. Ghost
  12. Cupid’s dead
  13. Take us alive (incl. That’s alright, mama)
  14. Flight of the wounded bumblebee
  15. Get the funk out
  16. Am I ever gonna change
  17. Hole hearted
  18. Communication breakdown
  19. Queenmedley: I want to break free / Fat bottomed girls / Bicycle race / Tie your mother down (feat. The Duvals & Hot Leg)

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