Moderat Likvidation

Malmö SWE


  1. Sprängd
  2. Våld
  3. Tio timmar
  4. Enola gay
  5. White rastas
  6. Dödens barn
  7. P.K
  8. Hiroshima
  9. Atombomb
  10. Marionett i kedjor
  11. Brända celler
  12. Köttahuve
  13. Nitad
  14. Proggerebell
  15. Anti fag
  16. Tio timmar
  17. E´ de punk

*The band got a great response and played Tio timmar as an extra encore, and E De Punk as an extra extra encore. Soundcheck earlier in the afternoon included excerpts from Marionett i kedjor / Dödens barn / Hiroshima. Malmöfestivalen.


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