Return To Forever

Paris, FRA


Set 1:

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Hymn of the seventh galaxy
  3. Vulcan worlds
  4. Sorceress
  5. Song to the pharaoh kings

Set 2:

  1. Space circus p. 1 (also known as Children’s song #3)
  2. Al’s solo
  3. No mystery
  4. Chick’s solo (incl. Alice in wonderland)
  5. The romantic warrior
  6. El bayo de negro (Stanley solo)
  7. The romantic warrior (cont.)
  8. Lineage (Lenny solo)
  9. The romantic warrior (concluded)
  10. The duel of the jester and the tyrant

Lineup: Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Al DiMeola

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