Dream Theater, Symphony X

Stockholm, SWE


Symphony X:

  1. Oculus ex inferni
  2. Set the world on fire
  3. Domination
  4. Serpent’s kiss
  5. Paradise lost
  6. Inferno (unleash the fire)
  7. Sea of lies
  8. Of sins and shadows

Dream Theater:

  1. Intro: Psycho / 2001: a space odyssey
  2. In the presence of enemies p. I
  3. In the presence of enemies p. II
  4. Strange déjà vu
  5. Blind faith
  6. Surrounded ’07
  7. Constant motion
  8. The dark eternal night / keyboard solo
  9. Lines in the sand
  10. I walk beside you
  11. Take the time
  12. The ministry of lost souls
  13. Schmedley Wilcox (Trial of tears / Finally free / Learning to live / In the name of god / Octavarium)

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