Alice Cooper, Wig-Wam

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Intro: Phantom of the opera
  2. Department of youth
  3. No more mr. nice guy
  4. Dirty diamonds
  5. Billion $ babies
  6. Be my lover
  7. Lost in America
  8. I never cry
  9. Woman of mass distraction
  10. I’m eighteen
  11. Between high school and the old school
  12. What do you want from me
  13. Is it my body
  14. Go to hell
  15. The black widow (instrumental) / Eric Singer – drum solo
  16. Feed my Frankenstein
  17. Welcome to my nightmare
  18. The awakening
  19. Steven
  20. Only women bleed / Steven (reprise)
  21. Ballad of Dwight Frye
  22. Killer
  23. I love the dead (ending section)
  24. School’s out
  25. Poison
  26. Wish I were born in Beverly Hills
  27. Under my wheels

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