Trettioåriga Kriget:

  1. Lång historia
  2. Mina löjen
  3. Om kriget kommer
  4. Metamorfoser
  5. Andra sidan
  6. Ljuset
  7. Moln på marken
  8. Fjärilsattityder
  9. Krigssång
  10. Gnistor
  11. En kväll hos X
  12. Act of war (bass solo)
  13. Ur djupen
  14. Hej på er
  15. Dagspress
  16. Kaledoniska orogenesen

*Slottsskogen Goes Progressive. Hej på er! was requested by me. All bands were filmed and the shows were released partially on a DVD. Missing the setlist from Abramis Brama.


  1. Entering the spectra
  2. Alex in paradise
  3. The spirit remains the same
  4. Wheel of life
  5. Do U tango
  6. Is this the end

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