Flying Food Circus:

  1. Introduktion / The instrument for a good dressage
  2. The different kind of goodness
  3. Erfarenheit von Panopticon
  4. Pot on the head and oranges under the arms
  5. Collect relapses
  6. Le tambour de ville
  7. The man without qualities
  8. Sleighride to Ettal
  9. The nord reel
  10. A clown’s opinion

The Flower Kings:

  1. The last minute on earth
  2. The truth will set you free
  3. There is more to this world
  4. Train to nowhere (acoustic)
  5. Ghost of the red cloud  (acoustic)
  6. Hero from cloud city / Church of your heart
  7. I am the sun (part 1)
  8. Stardust we are (short version)

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