Roxette, The Rasmus

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Intro / Crush on you
  2. Dressed for success
  3. Listen to your heart
  4. Waiting for the rain
  5. Real sugar
  6. It must have been love
  7. The center of the heart
  8. Stars
  9. You don’t understand me
  10. Fading like a flower (everytime you leave) (acoustic)
  11. Spending my time (acoustic)
  12. Dangerous
  13. Sleeping in my car
  14. Milk & toast & honey
  15. Wish I could fly
  16. The big L
  17. Joyride
  18. Little girl (Marie solo)
  19. Crash boom bang
  20. Anyone
  21. Hotblooded
  22. The look
  23. Queen of rain
  24. Church of your heart (acoustic)

*This was Marie’s last concert until august 2010.

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