Melanie C (and others)

Göteborg, SWE


  • Safri Duo: Played-A-Live (The bongo song)
  • Fragma: Everytime you need me / You are alive / Toca’s miracle
  • Camilla Brinck: Bye bye forever / Heaven
  • DJ Sleepy (+ gäster, bl.a. Blues): Mic-anical Moe-tion
  • Kinnda: Freak you out / – / –
  • Titiyo: Come along
  • Excellence: Lose it all / Mama’s boy / Need to know (eenie meenie minie moe)
  • Antique: Dinata dinata / I’d die for you
  • DJ Mendez: Razor tongue / Fiesta / Cross the border / –
  • Melanie C: Northern star / Never be the same again / I turn to you

*Power Summer Party. Partially broadcast on swedish Z-TV.

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