Berlin, GER

Max Schmeling-Halle

  1. Drowned world (Substitute for love)
  2. Impressive instant
  3. Candy perfume girl
  4. Beautiful stranger
  5. Ray of light
  6. Paradise (Not for me) (interlude)
  7. Frozen
  8. Nobody’s perfect
  9. Mer girl (p. I)
  10. Sky fits heaven
  11. Mer girl (p. II)
  12. What it feels like for a girl (instrumental interlude)
  13. I deserve it
  14. Don’t tell me
  15. Human nature
  16. The funny song
  17. Secret
  18. Gone
  19. Don’t cry for me Argentina (instrumental)
  20. Lo que siente la mujer
  21. La isla bonita
  22. Holiday
  23. Music

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