Melanie C, Tomcat

London, UK

Shepherd´s Bush Empire

  1. Intro / Go!
  2. Something’s gonna happen
  3. Northern star
  4. Be the one
  5. Closer
  6. Independence day
  7. I want you back
  8. Why
  9. If that were me
  10. Feel the sun
  11. Goin’ down
  12. Gaga
  13. Suddenly monday
  14. Never be the same again
  15. When you´re gone (feat. Bryan Adams)
  16. I turn to you

*Second gig in London and last night on her first real UK-tour. After NBTSA there was a pause, then Bryan Adams walked onstage and said “I think I must be at the wrong gig”… The band and Mel joined and they played When you’re gone, which I had actually heard the band rehearse in Cambridge (without Melanie though). Also, this gig was broadcast live over the internet. Emma Bunton was in the audience on the balcony above me!

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