Spock’s Beard:

  1. Day for night
  2. Gibberish
  3. The doorway
  4. June
  5. The light

Dream Theater:

  1. Regression
  2. Overture 1928
  3. Strange déjà vu
  4. Through my words
  5. Fatal tragedy
  6. Beyond this life
  7. Through her eyes
  8. Home
  9. The dance of eternity / Jordan Rudess – keyboard solo
  10. Instrumental (guitar malfunctioned) / Mike Portnoy – drum solo
  11. The dance of eternity (cont.)
  12. One last time
  13. The spirit carries on
  14. Finally free
  15. Medley: Pull me under / Under a glass moon / A fortune in lies / Only a matter of time / Take the time

*Dream Theaters gig was marred by technical difficulties, which lead to an impromptu drum solo and a spontaneous instrumental thingy. Spock had a stand-in bass player by the name of George Papadoupolou who died just a few years later. I still remember how he tried to get us in the venue (we had no tickets), with no luck, and how he smiled big at me when he saw me during the gig and knew I got in anyway.

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  1. Dan Swanö

    Åkte till Sthlm för att se mitt absoluta favvoband just då, Spocks Beard. Sanslöst bra gig. Ett av de bästa jag har sett! VIlka as! DT hade jag tappat suget för, så vi drack bärs i baren” under DT’s gig och jag tyckte mig höra en “slakt” av nån gammal klassiker som bossa nova eller reggae eller nått…