Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Intro
  2. Manowar (confirmed by MTV)
  3. Blood of my enemies (confirmed by MTV)
  4. Spirit horse of the cherokee (confirmed by MTV)
  5. Gates of Valhalla (confirmed by MTV)
  6. Achilles, agony & ecstacy in eight parts (confirmed by MTV)
  7. Kings of metal
  8. Fighting the world
  9. Kill with power
  10. Black wind, fire & steel
  11. Metal warriors
  12. Heart of steel
  13. Battle hymn
  14. The crown and the ring (outro)

*The gig was taped and aired in part as an “On The Road”-special on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. The setlist is compiled from the broadcast and Oslo 940209. Gates of Valhalla wasn’t played in Oslo and seem to be missing from the other shows on the tour aswell.

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