Magnum, Gotthard

Malmö, SWE



  1. Hunter
  2. Standing in the light
  3. Firedance
  4. Hush
  5. Angel
  6. Get down
  7. Downtown
  8. Mean street rocker
  9. All I care for
  10. Medley : Black dog / Rock and roll / Long live rock & roll

*Opening for Magnum. Setlist taken from Münster 921129 and from contemporary review. I recall Mighty Quinn having been played but I’m not too sure. Any info appreciated.



  1. Intro
  2. The flood
  3. Just one more heartbreak
  4. All England’s eyes
  5. Vigilante
  6. Sleepwalking
  7. Pray for the day
  8. Les morts dansant
  9. You’re the one
  10. Just like an arrow
  11. Only in America
  12. How far Jerusalem
  13. Too much to ask
  14. Days of no trust
  15. Rockin’ chair
  16. Kingdom of madness / drum solo
  17. Midnight (you won’t be sleeping)
  18. When the world comes down on you
  19. Sacred hour

*Setlist comes from Stockholm 921111, my personal memory and contemporary review.

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  1. Henrik

    A really good show, from both bands. I still have the Bob Catley´s plastic glass which he gave me during the show. Afterwards I remember Gotthard drinking beer in the bar and handing out group photos to anyone interested. I got one and had all the autographs on it. Outside in the parkinglot I got Bob´ and Tony´s autographs aswell. Great night