Iron Maiden, Testament

Köpenhamn, DK



  1. Intro: Signs of chaos
  2. Electric crown
  3. So many lies
  4. Practice what you preach
  5. Into the pit
  6. Alone in the dark
  7. The legacy
  8. Trial by fire
  9. Nightmare
  10. Sins of omission
  11. Disciples of the watch


Iron Maiden:

  1. Be quick or be dead
  2. The number of the beast
  3. Wrathchild
  4. From here to eternity
  5. Can I play with madness
  6. Wasting love
  7. Tailgunner
  8. The evil that men do
  9. Afraid to shoot strangers
  10. Fear of the dark
  11. Bring your daughter…to the slaughter
  12. The clairvoyant
  13. Heaven can wait
  14. Run to the hills
  15. 2 minutes to midnight
  16. Iron maiden
  17. Hallowed be thy name
  18. The trooper
  19. Sanctuary
  20. Running free

*The gig was filmed by the band along with Bruxelles and was partially used (picturewise) on the official “Live at Donington”-release. “Number of the beast” and “From here to eternity” were released on “A real dead one” and “A real live one” respectively.

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