Helsingborg, SWE

Wieselgrensskolans Aula

This was my first performing gig ever. I played keyboard in the widest definition of “played”. I recall one or two rehearsals and then we dragged the instruments to the auditorium and ran up to the classroom to get our classmates, who simply left the room and went down to see us. We played an instrumental version of See you later, alligator and perhaps one more song that I can’t remember for the life of me. Someone introduced us individually and I recall playing (poorly) a snippet of Jarres Oxygene IV for my introduction. I think we weren’t actually called Painkiller when we played, but took it afterwards. After the “gig” we never played together again. The date is a guess, it could have been any day during the spring of 1991.

Jimmy J, guitar – Minne, bass – Christian L, drums and me on keyboards.

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