Sweden Rock Festival (Thursday)

Norje, SWE

Sweden Rock Festival

Blaze Bayley:

  1. Lord of the flies
  2. Sign of the cross
  3. Judgement of heaven
  4. Virus
  5. The clansman
  6. The angel and the gambler
  7. Man on the edge
  8. Futureal
  9. Como estais amigos

Blaze Bayley guesting with Rob Marcello, Mats Levén, Kicken and Pontus Egberg in the Elon tent:

  • The trooper / Man on the edge

Deadland Ritual:

  1. Symptom of the universe
  2. Dimas
  3. Neon knights
  4. City of night
  5. Slither
  6. Dead before sunrise
  7. Sweet leaf
  8. Rebel yell
  9. Down in flames
  10. War pigs

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