Gene Simmons Vault

Stockholm, SWE

Gröna Lund-teatern


  • Blues riffing / See you tonite



  1. Come along and ride this train (Johnny Cash)
  2. This boy (The Beatles)
  3. A well respected man (The Kinks)
  4. My uncle is a raft
  5. Eskimo sun
  6. Only you
  7. Everything I own (Bread)
  8. A day in the life (The Beatles)
  9. “Gene in Stockholm Blues”
  10. Wild thing (Chip Taylor)
  11. Angel of the morning (Chip Taylor)
  12. Movin’ on (Bullfrog Bheer)
  13. Sunday driver
  14. She
  15. AC/DC / Led Zeppelin short riffs
  16. Love her all I can
  17. Black diamond
  18. Got love for sale
  19. Christine sixteen
  20. Calling dr. Love
  21. Take me
  22. I was made for lovin’ you
  23. Stanley the parrot (Bullfrog Bheer)
  24. Leeta (Bullfrog Bheer)
  25. Movin’ on (Bullfrog Bheer)
  26. Little lady
  27. It’s my life
  28. Legends never die
  29. New York mining disaster 1941 (BeeGees)
  30. See you tonite
  31. Bitch (The Rolling Stones)
  32. Deuce


*I got the opportunity to attend Gene’s vault experience. I am humbled and happy, and my gift to the world was that I got to ask Gene about Stanley The Parrot and he proceeded to play the song for the first time in a million years.

All song titles are partial and/or snippets. No full songs.



Me and Gene



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