Köpenhamn, DK

Royal Arena

  1. Intro: The ecstacy of gold
  2. Hardwired
  3. Atlas, rise!
  4. Seek and destroy
  5. Through the never
  6. The day that never comes
  7. Now that we’re dead
  8. Dream no more
  9. For whom the bell tolls
  10. Halo on fire
  11. Breadfan
  12. Fuel
  13. Moth into flame
  14. Sad but true
  15. One
  16. Master of puppets
  17. Fight fire with fire
  18. Nothing else matters
  19. Enter sandman

* Ok gig but I had hoped for some real gems like Eye of the beholder, Trapped under ice or something like that. Fight fire with fire was nice enough.

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