Marillion (Weekend day 2)

Port Zelande, NL


Old set:

  1. Hotel hobbies
  2. Warm wet circles
  3. That time of the night (the short straw)
  4. White russian
  5. Incommunicado
  6. Slàinte mhath
  7. Sugar mice
  8. Lords of the backstage
  9. Blind curve
    i) Vocal under a bloodlight
    ii) Passing strangers
    iii) Mylo
  10. Market square heroes

New set:

  1. El Dorado
    i) Long-shadowed sun
    ii) The gold
    iii) Demolished lives
    iv) F E A R
    v) The grandchildren of apes
  2. Living in F E A R
  3. The leavers
    i) Wake up in music
    ii) The remainers
    iii) Vapour trails in the sky
    iv) The jumble of days
    v) One tonight
  4. White paper
  5. The new kings
    i) Fuck everyone and run
    ii) Russia’s locked doors
    iii) A scary sky
    iv) Why is nothing ever true?

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