Marillion (Weekend day 1)

Port Zelande, NL



  1. Opia
  2. Northern star
  3. Hold on my heart
  4. I know a place
  5. Fade into you (with Steve Rothery)
  6. Opia


Marillion – No Theme At All:

  1. The release
  2. The other half
  3. One fine day
  4. You’re gone
  5. The only unforgivable thing
  6. Estonia
  7. Sounds that can’t be made
  8. Hard as love (h piano only)
  9. A collection (h + Rothery)
  10. The answering machine (h, Rothery, Trewavas)
  11. Faith (acoustic, full band)
  12. A few words for the dead
  13. A voice from the past
  14. Beyond you
  15. The great escape
  16. Gazpacho
  17. This town
  18. The rakes progress
  19. 100 nights
  20. Gaza



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