220 Volt, Neon Rose Chapter III

Stockholm, SWE

Debaser Strand

220 Volt:

  1. System overload
  2. The harder they come
  3. High heels
  4. Broken promises
  5. Medley: Child of the night / Woman in white / Lonely nights
  6. Walking in starlight
  7. Power games
  8. Through the wastelands
  9. Love is all you need
  10. Beat of a heart
  11. Firefall
  12. I’m on fire

*Splendid gig with Matti Alfonzetti as guest vocalist!



Neon Rose Chapter III:

  1. Dead eyes
  2. Night birds
  3. Too long
  4. The race for knowledge
  5. Julia’s dream / drum solo
  6. A dream of glory and pride
  7. Waiting for the train
  8. We work all day (new song)
  9. Reload
  10. A man’s not a man
  11. Don’t mess with me (new song)
  12. Dust and rust
  13. Love rock

*Sound issues aside this was an epic gig. I never thought I would get to hear this music live. Kudos to Piero Mengarelli for bringing it to the stage once more.

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