Stockholm, SWE

Tele2 Arena

  1. Intro / Iconic
  2. Bitch I’m Madonna
  3. Burning up
  4. Holy water (incl. Vogue)
  5. Devil pray
  6. Messiah (interlude)
  7. Body shop
  8. True blue
  9. Deeper and deeper
  10. HeartBreak City (incl. Love don’t live here anymore)
  11. Like a virgin
  12. S.E.X. (interlude, including Justify my love)
  13. Living for love
  14. La isla bonita
  15. Dress you up (including Into the groove and Lucky star)
  16. Like a prayer
  17. Rebel heart
  18. Illuminati (interlude)
  19. Music
  20. Candy shop
  21. Material girl
  22. La vie en rose
  23. Unapologetic bitch
  24. Holiday



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