Progressive Circus

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli


  1. Introvertus fugu (den asociala blåsfisken) part 1
  2. Höstsejd
  3. Längtans klocka
  4. Jordrök
  5. Sorgmantel
  6. Vandringar i vilsenhet / drum solo
  7. Kung Bore
  8. Sista somrar

*A simply stunning gig. This was everything I could ever hope for. Perfection.

IMG_20150425_182535 IMG_20150425_182427



  1. All this could be yours
  2. Headloss
  3. In the land of grey and pink
  4. Golf girl
  5. The paradise filter
  6. Trust me I’m a doctor
  7. Nightmare
  8. For Richard
  9. This is what we are
  10. Dead man walking
  11. I’ll be there for you
  12. Nine feet underground
  13. I’m on my way

*This was Caravan’s first ever gig in Sweden! Nice by all means, Nightmare and For Richard were awesome. I had to leave after This is what we are so the rest of the songs come from the written setlist on the stage.

IMG_20150425_211726 IMG_20150425_211457

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