Thursday 5/6


Riot Horse

  1. You took my soul away
  2. Torn
  3. Didn’t see it coming
  4. Bring ’em on
  5. Miss Mississippi
  6. Hands up
  7. Going undercover
  8. Medicine man

*Nice opening gig, really groovy and heavy!


Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel

  1. The ultimate sin
  2. Decieved (aborted due to guitar problems)
  3. War machine (aborted due to guitar problems)
  4. High wire
  5. Shine on (aborted due to guitar problems)
  6. Shout it out
  7. In a dream
  8. Rumblin’  man
  9. Sun red sun
  10. Feeder (more guitar problems)
  11. Bark at the moon

*I had high hopes but everything went wrong. It was nice to see Jake live but the band is pretty bad, the singer is awful and the drummer has no groove at all. To top it off there were so many problems with Jakes gear that many songs were aborted when the guitar went silent. This of course was a huge downer and we didn’t get the usually played Rock & roll rebel, perhaps due to the time limit creeping closer with every mishap. A sad gig.



  1. Into the blue
  2. Overture / Whirlwind
  3. Rose colored glasses
  4. Evermore
  5. Is it really happening?
  6. Whirlwind (reprise)
  7. All of the above (partial)
  8. Stranger in your soul (partial)

*One of the best gigs. Too short playing time if you ask me, 75 minutes for a band with 25-minute songs. During All of the above the skies opened and the heaviest rain ever poured down which was sad. This gig marked the comeback of Daniel Gildenlöw who has been ill for quite some time, he was simply added to the band making this a unique six piece incarnation of one of my fav bands!


Rob Zombie

  1. Meet the creeper
  2. Superbeast
  3. Scum of the earth
  4. Living dead girl
  5. Dead city radio and the new gods of Supertown
  6. More human than human
  7. Sick bubble-gum
  8. House of 1000 corpses
  9. Trade in your guns for a coffin
  10. Never gonna stop (The red, red kroovy)
  11. Am I evil?
  12. Thunder kiss ’65
  13. School’s out (partial, with Thunder kiss ’65 reprise)
  14. The lords of Salem
  15. Dragula

*The best looking stage ever. The music don’t do much for me, it was tight and well played but not very interesting.


Alice Cooper

  1. Hello hooray
  2. House of fire
  3. No more mr. nice guy
  4. Under my wheels
  5. I’ll bite your face off
  6. Billion dollar babies
  7. Caffeine
  8. Department of youth
  9. Hey stoopid
  10. Dirty diamonds
  11. Welcome to my nightmare
  12. Go to hell
  13. He’s back (the man behind the mask)
  14. Feed my Frankenstein
  15. Ballad of Dwight Fry
  16. I love the dead
  17. Break on through (to the other side)
  18. Revolution
  19. Foxy lady
  20. My generation
  21. I’m eighteen
  22. Poison
  23. School’s out

*Alice was the last gig for me on the first day, he headlined the big stage which actualy was just a smidgeon too big for his show. He works better on the second, smaller stage. It was a nice show, I left before the cover song section since I have no interest whatsoever in hearing him do those songs and the encores, well, I have heard them to death. The first hour was a nice hour, the band is nice and tight and it’s always a pleasure to see Ryan Roxie with Alice!


Saturday 7/6


Madam X

  1. Dirty girls
  2. She’s hot tonight
  3. Come one, come all
  4. Cat’s got your tongue
  5. Reserve the right to rock
  6. Stand up and fight / Roxy Petrucci – drum solo
  7. Good with figures / Chris Doliber – bass solo / Maxine Petrucci – guitar solo
  8. Metal in my veins
  9. Another 80’s rock song (the party never ends)
  10. High in high school

*This was one of those reunions that never should have happened. Abysmal. I know people herald this as one of the festival’s best gigs but I ran away when the drum solo started. Awful in every sense of the word.


Danger Danger

  1. Rock America
  2. Boys will be boys
  3. Under the gun
  4. Hearts on the highway
  5. Don’t walk away
  6. Don’t blame it on love / Rob Marcello – guitar solo
  7. Bang bang
  8. Beat the bullet
  9. I still think about you
  10. Crazy nites
  11. Monkey business
  12. Naughty naughty

*Once again I accidentally caught these guys live, once again I enjoyed it. Nothing big, just nice.



  1. Road fever
  2. Home in my hand
  3. My babe
  4. Drivin’ wheel
  5. Stone blue
  6. Terraplane blues
  7. Fool for the city
  8. California blues
  9. I just wanna make love to you
  10. Slow ride

*As always a stellar performance by the great Foghat. This was their second ever performance in Sweden, the first was the Sweden Rock-gig in 2004. This rocked just a tad more in my book. Awesome!


Within Temptation

  1. Let us burn
  2. Paradise (what about us?)
  3. Faster
  4. In the middle of the night
  5. Fire and ice
  6. And we run
  7. Dangerous
  8. Our solemn hour
  9. Iron
  10. Stand my ground
  11. Covered by roses
  12. Mother earth
  13. What have you done
  14. Summertime sadness
  15. Memories
  16. Ice queen

*I really loved this band once, but I know very little about them today. Caught about 30 minutes in the middle of their set and it was ok.



  1. Don’t be late (Chapter 2)
  2. Compromise
  3. You’re not alone
  4. On the loose
  5. Anywhere you wanna go
  6. Mouse in a maze / drum solo
  7. Time’s up
  8. Too much to lose (Chapter 7)
  9. The flyer
  10. The pitchman
  11. How long
  12. Humble stance
  13. Corkentellis
  14. Tired world (Chapter 6)
  15. Scratching the surface
  16. Careful where you bstep
  17. Wind him up

*Excellent gig.



  1. Moonhorse
  2. Bird of prey
  3. Boneflower
  4. Tides of telepathy
  5. Deep well
  6. Pandora’s egg
  7. Avatarium

*This was a gig I hadn’t intended to see but wound up loving every minute of. I wasn’t too impressed by the album but was overwhelmed by the liveperformance to a much greater extent. Heavy as hell, with soaring vocals from Jennie-Ann Smith. Leif Edling did not play bass however, he was temporarily replaced by Tiamat-bassist Anders Iwers.



  1. Into the infinity of thoughts
  2. The burning shadows of silence
  3. Cosmic keys to my creations & times
  4. Beyond the great vast forest
  5. Towards the Pantheon
  6. The majesty of the nightsky
  7. I am the black wizards
  8. Inno a Satana
  9. Ancient queen
  10. Wrath of the tyrant
  11. A fine day to die

*Last gig of the festival for me, and an awesome one at that. Ihsahn and Samoth together with Faust for the first time in 20 years, playing the full Nightside Eclipse-album – you can’t go wrong with that. Stellar performance.


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