Dan Reed Network, Degreed

Malmö, SWE



  1. A little bit
  2. Color me
  3. Inside of me
  4. Follow her
  5. Black cat
  6. Human being?
  7. Arms of misery


Dan Reed Network:

  1. Cruise together
  2. Under my skin
  3. Forgot to make her mine
  4. Baby now I
  5. Rainbow child
  6. Come back baby
  7. Make it easy
  8. Baby don’t fade
  9. Ritual
  10. Stronger than steel
  11. Seven sisters road
  12. World has a heart too
  13. Get to you
  14. Tiger in a dress
  15. Long way to go (a capella)

*Tour premiere! It was an awesome show, a bit underrehearsed but everyone seemed loose about it and laughed when things went wrong.
The audience, approx. 300-350, were very into it and gave the band a nice welcome. Due to time restraints and the show running late due to the aforementioned problems the
band jumped from Seven sisters road to Get to you, skipping Tiger in a dress and Love don’t work that way. As an encore they then proceeded to do Tiger, and were about to
skip the encore on the setlist which was Long way to go. A small coup took place though when Dan and Brion sang the song a capella, making Love don’t work that way the only
song on the list not having been performed. I hadn’t seen the band since 1993 and was overjoyed!

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