Trettioåriga Kriget, Saga

Stockholm, SWE



  1. Som en flod
  2. Om tiden stått still
  3. I ett glashus
  4. Önskebrunn
  5. Tunga steg i Berlin
  6. Kom till mig
  7. Faller
  8. Jakten tillbaka
  9. Gåva från himlen
  10. Djävulens läppar
  11. Ensamma rum

*Awesome gig, the band debuted two new song aswell as playing most of their debut album and all four songs from last years EP. Christer Stålbrandt is truly a legend among legends, and the other guys in the band including guitarist extraordinaire Mats Norrefalk are mindblowingly tight. Probably the best “opening act” I have ever seen in my life.


Trettioåriga Kriget:

  1. Lång historia
  2. Mannen på bänken
  3. Mitt mirakel
  4. Om kriget kommer
  5. Kaledoniska orogenesen
  6. Röster från minus till plus
  7. Fjärilsattityder
  8. Mina löjen
  9. Ur djupen
  10. Handlingens skugga
  11. Andra sidan
  12. Benke
  13. I början och slutet
  14. Krigssång
  15. Gnistor
  16. Perspektiv
  17. En kväll hos X

*And then Kriget. Billed as a 40th anniversary gig since it’s been 40 years since the release of the debut album , the band chose to play that album in it’s entirety. Not only that, they pulled out the rarely played “Mitt mirakel” from their second album, and as a special first encore the song “Perspektiv” was aired for the first time since 1975 – a gem if there ever was one. Dagspress was on the setlist as a third encore but by then the band had played for 125 minutes so it was scrapped, probably a wise decision since we were all soaked at that time!

Both bands were introduced by film- and progafficionado Ronny Svensson, who also conducted onstage interviews. With Saga he chatted away before the last song, but during Kriget he came onstage after only four songs, before the full debut album was to be played. This I thought was a poor idea. Talk about killing the moment. Luckily the interviews only lasted for a couple of minutes, but I fail to see the point of them in the first place.

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