Dream Theater

Köpenhamn, DK

Falconer Salen

Set 1:

  1. False awakening suite
  2. The enemy inside
  3. The shattered fortress
  4. On the backs of angels
  5. The looking glass
  6. Trial of tears
  7. Enigma machine (w/ drum solo)
  8. Along for the ride
  9. Breaking all illusions


Set 2:

  1. The mirror
  2. Lie
  3. Lifting shadows off a dream
  4. Scarred
  5. Space-dye vest
  6. Illumination theory


Set 3 (encores):

  1. Overture 1928
  2. Strange déjà vu
  3. The dance of eternity
  4. Finally free


* DT started out with horrible sound and the band didn’t seem too into it. After 30 minutes the sound started to balance up though, and they started to relax a bit. Then the second set – probably one of the finest moments in my DT-live-history. Musical perfection in my book.

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