Sweden Rock Festival (1 day)

Norje, SWE

Sweden Rock Festival


  1. Feels like love
  2. Can’t give you up
  3. Take you on a saturday
  4. High on you
  5. Rockin’  into the night
  6. It’s the singer not the song
  7. Rebel girl / keyboard solo
  8. The search is over / guitar and drum solo
  9. Burning heart
  10. I can’t hold back
  11. Eye of the tiger


Status Quo:

  1. Caroline
  2. Paper plane
  3. Hold you back
  4. Rain
  5. Rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ you
  6. Beginning of the end
  7. Medley: What you’re proposing / Down the dustpipe / Wild side of life / Railroad / Again and again
  8. Big fat mama
  9. The oriental
  10. Creepin’  up on you
  11. In the army now / drum solo
  12. Roll over lay down
  13. Down down
  14. Whatever you want
  15. Rockin’  all over the world
  16. Rock and roll music / Bye bye Johnny



  1. Psycho circus
  2. Shout it out loud
  3. Let me go, rock ‘n roll
  4. I love it loud
  5. Hell or hallelujah
  6. War machine
  7. Calling dr. love
  8. Deuce
  9. Say yeah
  10. Shock me (partial)
  11. Outta this world / guitar and drum solo
  12. Gene Simmons – solo / God of thunder
  13. Lick it up
  14. Love gun
  15. Rock and roll all nite
  16. Detroit rock city
  17. I was made for lovin’ you
  18. Black diamond

*Lots of technical glitches during KISS´ set. Heaven’s on fire was replaced by Calling dr. Love. I attended the pressconference before the gig.

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